AI Matchmaking: Is Tech Ready to Riddle With Love?

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25 Brilliant Tips to Improve Event Matchmaking

Canadian industry players have thrown their support behind a new online matchmaking platform that facilitates connections between legitimate suppliers of personal protective equipment and companies seeking the gear required to protect workplaces during the COVID pandemic. Startup Bulky. Transactions take place outside of the platform once suppliers and businesses use it to find each other.

WIPO GREEN is an interactive marketplace that connects technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions. In addition to matchmaking.

With funding from the Government of Australia and WIPO Asia Pacific, the objective of this project is two-fold: First, to identify specific technology needs in the area of energy, air, water and agriculture in Indonesia and Cambodia with a total of 20 needs identified ; Second, to match the identified needs with corresponding available green technologies. Energy, air, water and agriculture have been selected as focus sectors for this project.

Examples of matchmaking projects include clean technology transfer in South East Asia with a focus on water, in addition to clean technology transfer in East Africa in the areas of water and agriculture. Kopernik seeks to address concrete technology gaps and needs in the areas of water, air, energy and agriculture for communities living in the last mile.

Kopernik will match technology needs in water, air, energy and agriculture with appropriate technology providers. Appropriate solutions will be matched with technology seekers in the last mile. These technologies and innovations will address current challenges in water, air, energy and agriculture.

Team Building and Matchmaking

Dating has changed significantly over the past several decades. Instead of going out in social settings to find love or relying on their friends to introduce them to potential partners, people only need to go online and sign up for a dating site. AI dating technology needs data to work. Data input trains the algorithms, and the interfaces mine user information to reach conclusions.

Most event matchmaking tech can send out automated invitations to attendees and exhibitors whose needs and business desires match.

The ambition of this web site is to help CCS experts to team up in strong consortia that have the competence and enthusiasm to drive CCS development forward. A list of stakeholders interested in ACT calls is presented below. Please address the listed contact persons if you see any possibilities for cooperation. Please fill out this template and send it to Anna Rosenberg if you would like to add your company or organisation to this database. NB: Click on the organisation names to get details.

Ecoles des Ponts Pais Tech : Storage. Leroux et Lotz Technologies : Capture. Terra 3E : Storage. Total : Capture, Transport, Storage.


Tim Groot, CEO and Co-Founder of Grip, looks at how matchmaking technology can harness better networking at events and whether it signals the end of traditional networking. Meeting over, there are various networking tools available that allow users to connect quickly with those they have met during an event. However, this is as far as it may ever go, raising the question of whether random networking is a waste of time. There is a more efficient way to harness smarter technology for better networking that ensures you can learn far more about who you should be connecting with before a face-to-face meeting, removing the lottery aspect of networking.

Matchmaking technology has completely changed the game, providing a more relaxed introduction as both parties know forming the new relationship could be extremely worthwhile.

TECH SCOUTING & MATCHMAKING. Under our brand, “Innosix”, we are on a mission to create the world’s most powerful tech-scouting and matchmaking tool for.

Login as Participant Organizer. Engage with your audience online no matter your event format. A user-friendly event platform to engage your attendees. Exhibitor lead retrieval system. Events Conferences. Deliver your attendees the best experience and knowledge.

The BLUMORPHO ecosystem for innovation matchmaking

Wed like to think people dont have to pay extra, but we couldnt have predicted this! What are you currently most proud of from beginning to end? I am most proud that as a startup we have grown past our initial seed round to a company with a lot of resources and growth potential that is not just selling a nice mattress though of course well keep improving it through the next year or two.

Germany, Europes top economy and home to almost a million migrant workers, has taken in more asylum seekers than any other country and has taken in around half of the total number of people granted refugee status in Europe since the start of

Matchpool: How Matchmaking Technology Can Restore Trust Between People. While the Matchpool protocol has been touted as the answer to.

Take the opportunity to experience a first-of-a-kind working mobile production unit that upcycles slags into building materials. Participate in our workshops where you will learn how to produce geopolymers and hybrid cements. Touch and feel an impressive installation made out of a range of slag-based formulations. The matchmaking event is open to entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, designers and anyone that is enthusiastic about making the Circular Economy happen within the built environment.

Please note that this event is free of charge. Nevertheless, no-shows will be invoiced 50 EUR. Therefore, in the event of an unforeseen situation, please de-register directly from Eventbrite website or let the organisers know via email at least 5 days in advance. Vaartstraat 59 Beerse Belgium. Matchmaking event Mobile production units Take the opportunity to experience a first-of-a-kind working mobile production unit that upcycles slags into building materials.

Workshops Participate in our workshops where you will learn how to produce geopolymers and hybrid cements.

Online matchmaking event on PV Manufacturing Technologies on 18 June 2020

The current crisis forces us to reinvent our ways of gathering, communicating and exchanging. PairConnex helps you to continue your operations in this new context:. Our advisers can help you find solutions that suit your situation and your budget. You can contact us at or vasb cnvepbaark.

innovation matchmaking · A portfolio of technologies · A qualified network and database of industrial contacts · Investors to support the reach of specific milestones.

Ready for more interaction and value at your events? Getting to know people is critical to enjoyment. Here are 25 brilliant tactics to help you do so. Get the information. Matchmaking is impossible without finding out demographic information and what people both attendees and exhibitors are looking for. Allow people to opt in.

How does relationship matchmaking work with uninterested parties? Not very well. The same is true of event matchmaking so give people an option as to whether they participate or not.

Increase interactions at your event with the most advanced B2B matchmaking platform

The PV Impact project invites you to participate in our next matchmaking event where you will have the opportunity to meet other experts, interact, exchange innovative project ideas and find the best partners to work with in the field of PV Manufacturing Technologies. All of this during a session organized in a speed-dating format facilitated in an open and creative virtual environment. On June 18, at — June 18, at Wafers, cells, modules, equipment manufacturers and researchers in related fields, all of you are the perfect fit to attend this exclusive event!

You can start right away, even as potential Partners. Simply fill out and send ISTC Secretariat a Technology Matchmaking Request Form including the.

Remember Me. As access to the Internet and mobile devices became increasingly prevalent across the globe in the last 20 years, online dating has become widely popular, socially accepted, and even essential for many urban professionals. The online dating industry amounts to 2. This is where Machine Learning comes to play. In the short term, in order to grow and retain users, the competitive landscape of the online dating industry is posing two important questions to Bumble.

The first is to to make better matches and recommendations. Secondly, Bumble needs to better protect its community values on the platform by weeding out users who are disrespectful of others. However, the ability for Bumble to capitalize on Machine Learning to improve its matching algorithm is much contingent on the size of the network and the amount of interactive data it obtains. Therefore, Bumble needs to better address issues with its customer experiences so that they can continuously grow its user base.

Many users dropped out of Bumble after experiencing verbal abuse from other members. By design, because Bumble only allows female users to initiate conversations, the app is already filtering out many unwelcome messages that jeopardizes users experiences and causes user churn. However, the problem is not eradicated. Bumble can leverage Machine Learning capability to better understand the behavioral patterns from users.

Research has shown that users of online dating apps are generally more concerned about institutional privacy safety social media companies selling personal data to third parties than social privacy others users see your information.

Who Gets What: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design