What is the FMCSA Clearinghouse for truckers?

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Trucker Relationships & Love

It will have information about:. And if a driver has a violation in one state, the Clearinghouse will show that information even if they apply for a CDL in another state. The purpose of this is that the information needs to be kept complete and accurate. So yes, the goal of the database is to improve safety on highways. They can use Clearinghouse for queries, but for the previous three years, they will still have to use manual inquiries.

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Self-driving truck technology is rapidly becoming sophisticated enough to replace these drivers. With this amount of money on the table, firms have a huge incentive to deploy autonomous trucks as soon as possible and displace the millions of Americans who drive trucks or support drivers for a living. As fewer truck drivers are on the road, fewer support workers will be needed, as well.

Truck stops will close down as fewer drivers stop along their routes, replaced by self-driving trucks that never have to sleep. And robot trucks will likely require service less frequently than those driven by human drivers, decreasing the need for work in that area. The economy is not prepared to absorb the loss of so many jobs.

Some estimates have the mass production of these vehicles as occurring within the decade. This has potential for serious unrest if not handled properly. We need to implement a plan for how to handle this transition, and we have to do it soon. Share Facebook Twitter.

Commercial Truck Driver Insurance [An In-depth Look]

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It’s hard to date a truck driver

The page you’ve requested can not be displayed. It appears you’ve missed your intended destination, either through a bad or outdated link, or a typo in the page you were hoping to reach. I had mixed feelings about this new situation which included excitement, sadness, and driver resentment.

Keep your log book up to date: Log book errors are common and can cost you on your insurance if you have violations. Get quotes from different insurers before.

Subscriber Account active since. Truck drivers have been suffering in — especially those who own or work at small businesses. That has caused truckers like Demetrius Wilburn, a Georgia-based driver, to find themselves unemployed. Wilburn bought his semitruck four years ago after years of working as a company truck driver. But amid rock-bottom rates, Wilburn wasn’t able to make a payment one month — and his truck was repossessed.

Definitely not worth it. The Lexington, Kentucky-based owner-operator Chad Boblett told Business Insider that some truck drivers were seeing a “bloodbath” in just how low rates had become. In the first half of , around trucking companies went bankrupt, according to industry data from Broughton Capital LLC. That’s more than triple the amount of bankruptcies from the same period last year — Here are some of the larger trucking companies that have gone bankrupt in , and how many truckers who are now out of a job.

We used the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s company-snapshot tool to measure how many truck drivers worked at each company. Are you a truck driver who has been suffering in from low rates?

Semitruck Insurance: Cost, Coverage & Quotes

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Owner-operators looking for discounts on trucking insurance only have to deal with a single bill, renewal date, and claims adjuster.

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